A young man hanged himself after killing 4 family members, politics started after the incident

Police is investigating the case . (Token picture)

Politics has started in the case after the bodies of five people belonging to the same family were found in Kendri village adjoining Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh.

Raipur After getting the bodies of five people of the same family in Kendri village adjoining Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, the politics has started in the case. Congress and BJP have come face to face with regard to the matter. Former Chief Minister and National Vice President of BJP, Dr. Raman Singh (Dr. Raman Singh) will go to Kendriya village and meet the family members of the deceased. In this case, the ruling party in the state has asked the BJP why the former Chief Minister did not go to Supebeda and Bilaspur.

Actually, we still have mourning in Kendri village of Abhanpur. It is being told that Kamlesh Sahu, a resident of here, himself hanged himself after killing four members of his family. This incident gave a big issue to the opposition party BJP. Former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh will visit the village and meet the family members of the deceased. In the case, Congress spokesperson Sushil Anand Shukla says that the BJP is anti-party. She also wants to convert weeds into opportunities. That is why their leaders are going there.

Charges on the state government
Here, BJP has made many allegations against the Congress government of the state regarding the central village incident. BJP is looking at this death by linking it to financially strapped unemployment. BJP leader and spokesperson Amit Chimnani says that the Congress is presenting false figures. According to the initial information, this incident has happened in Kamlesh’s family, fed up with unemployment. The matter should be investigated seriously.


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