Anupa Das became the third millionaire, will this contest be able to win 7 crores

Amitabh Bachchan with KBC Contestant Anupa Das. (Photo:

KBC 12 (KBC 12) show makers on Saturday released promo, it Kantestent Anupa Das (Anupa Das) with winnings that are saying they Krwaangi treat his mother’s cancer. He told that his mother has third stage cancer.

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Mumbai. So far, two women have won one crore rupees in KBC’s 12th season (KBC 12). Now KBC 12 is moving towards the end, then it is going to get another millionaire. Contestant Anupa Das from Bastar in KBC is going to win one crore rupees. She is going to win one crore rupees by answering 15 questions correctly.

Now Amitabh Bachchan will ask Anupa Das a jackpot question of 7 crores for the third time this season. The promo released by the show’s makers is not clear from whether Anoopa will win 7 crores or not. In the 12th season of KBB, no contestant has given a correct answer to the jackpot question yet, so the viewers of KBC want to know whether Anoopa will be able to answer the 7 crore question.

In the promo released by the makers on Saturday, Anoopa is saying that with the money won, she will get her mother’s cancer treated. He told that his mother has third stage cancer. Anoopa just wants her mother to be healthy again. It is a matter of happiness that she has won so much money in KBC 12, in which she will get better treatment for her mother. Even after getting treatment, they will also have a lot of money left.

Let us tell you that even 6 years ago, KBC Narula Brothers made history by winning 7 crores rupees. Narula Brothers also said that they had to get their mother’s cancer treated. In this 12th season of KBC, Nazia Naseem was the first to win one crore rupees. Calling herself a feminist, Nazia gave the right answer to all questions. Amitabh Bachchan was very impressed by the answers to his questions. The second millionaire of this season is also a woman, her name is Mohita Sharma. He is an IPS officer.


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