At the height of dynastic politics in BJP and Congress, 4-4 members of the same family are in the fray

Here, four members of the families of former MLAs and Pradhans are contesting the election.

In Barmer District, situated on the Indo-Pakistan border in western Rajasthan, the politics of dynasty is booming in both the major parties BJP and Congress (BJP and Congress).

Barmer Dynastic politics is thriving in both the Congress and BJP in the Thar areas. The elderly leaders here are engaged in bringing their family members into politics. At the same time, the elderly leader himself has landed on the election ground, saying the last election. The election campaigning of candidates for Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti members is at its peak. Elections are being held for 389 seats of the 21 Panchayat Samitis of the district. Many interesting stories have emerged in this. Many stalwart families are involved in the race for Pradhan. For Pradhani to be his own family, not one, but 3 to 4 people are fighting elections from the same family.

In these elections, both husband and wife are going to the mother-son field. Somewhere there is brother-sister and uncle-niece in the election field. Everyone is working day and night to become a juggler of victory. Not only this, many of the claimants of Pradhan and District Head have put many of their people apart from themselves so that when the time comes for the election of Pradhan and District Head, their people can create an atmosphere in their favor.

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Three members of Tagaram Chaudhary are contesting electionsThree people from the family of former legislator Tagaram Chaudhary are in the election field from Baytu Panchayat Samiti area. Tagaram’s son Chenaram Kadvasara is in the poll fray from ward number 10, Chenaram’s wife Sigrati Devi from ward number 6 and Chenaram’s daughter Himanshi from ward 11. All three are contesting from BJP. Former head of Baytu Simartharam Beniwal is contesting from ward number 10 of Baytu Panchayat Samiti. His wife Champa Devi is being contested from ward number 11. Both are Congress candidates.

Both ministers will have to struggle hard

Chenaram Kadavara says that the party has given tickets to three members from his family. He has claimed that Baytu will be made the head of the BJP. Revenue Minister Harish Chaudhary and Union Minister Kailash Chaudhary also come from the same constituency. In this case, both Congress and BJP ministers will also have to fight hard.

There are four members of the former Pradhan’s family in the election field
Four people are from the family of Sohanlal Bhambhu, the former head who is claiming the title from the newly formed Adel Panchayat Samiti. Of these, Sohanlal’s sons Ramesh Bhambhu and Jasraj Bhambhu, daughter-in-law Suman Chaudhary and Bhanja Nanagaram are in the fray from the Siag Congress. Nagaram Beniwal is contesting from ward number 7 on behalf of BJP in Adel Panchayat Samiti. Nagaram’s wife Lahari Devi is contesting from ward number 5 and daughter-in-law Sunita Chaudhary from ward number 6. His son Mahipal is also contesting elections. These four are in the election fray from BJP. In such a situation, there is an interesting contest between the BJP-Congress for the claim of Pradhan.

Aunt and niece face to face in Adel
Ladhu Devi is contesting from Congress from ward number 9 of Adel Panchayat Samiti. At the same ward, his niece Bhanwari Devi is in the election field from BJP. Navali Devi is contesting from BJP from ward number 4 of the newly formed Payala Kalan Panchayat Samiti and her niece Rekha Devi is contesting from the Congress from this ward.

Former MLA and his daughter-in-law are contesting elections
Abdul Hadi, son of seven-time MLA Gafoor Ahmed and daughter-in-law Shamma Bano are also in the panchayat elections. While Gafoor Ahmed is contesting the election of Zilla Parishad member, Shamma Bano is contesting the Dhanau Panchayat Samiti. While Gafoor Ahmed has been Minister of State and Deputy District Head, Shama Bano has also been the head of Chauhatan.


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