Baba Ramdev’s dream can be broken, top companies waged war against Patanjali

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FMCG Sector Baba Ramdev’s dream of making Patanjali the number one company in the country can be broken. The big companies of this sector have started devising a strategy to beat Patanjali’s ambition. Patanjali has a very ambitious plan to raise its revenue to 21000 crore rupees for the current financial year, which is almost double of the previous financial year.

ITC and Hindustan Unilever are market leaders
Patanjali is currently ranked seventh in FMCG and ITC is first, Hindustan Ulilever second, Britannia third, Nestle fourth and Dabur fifth. According to media reports, Hindustan Unilever (HUL) is determined to strengthen its presence in the natural and herbal market, as this is the real strength of Patanjali. Similarly, Callgate-Palmolive also plans to launch its own natural products to regain its place in the toothpaste market. In recent years, Patanjali has captured Dabur market to a great extent by offering cheaper honey. Since Dabur was earlier dominant in the honey market, in such a situation, it has made a strategy to seize it again.

HUL can strike with AYUSH herbal and citra brandsHUL’s Ayurvedic AYUSH brand has entered the market. The launch of this brand has been successful in the southern states. To counter Patanjali, the company has also acquired some new Ayurvedic brands in the past. Similarly, in the skincare sector, Auchul is launching the Citra brand in India. In June, 12 new items such as Japanese Green Tea, Sakura and Thai Lotus are being sold under the launch Citra brand. The company has also decided to make its place in this market under the name Indulekha Hair Oil.

Callgate will make inroads in natural segment with new products

Callgate-Palmolive has a strategy to counter Patanjali by launching new products. Since natural segment is growing strongly in India. In such a situation, it has become necessary to make room in this sector also for callgate.

Dabur is making its Ayurveda products modern
Desi company Dabur is making its Ayurveda products modern. However, the company is also focusing on launching new products. Dabur Chyawanprash contributes about 40 percent of his entire cell. The company’s honey is also a hit product, but it has lost a lot of space. However, the company is confident that it will find this lost place.

Patanjali had a revenue of 10,561 crores.
During the last financial year 2016-17, Patanjali’s revenue was Rs 10,561 crore. Patanjali Ayurved contributed 9346 crore rupees, while Divine Pharmacy contributed only 870 crores. The company plans to increase the entire revenue to Rs 21000 crore in the current financial year.


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