BJP MP said: middlemen and fake farmers are agitating, stop drama

Today is the 48th day of the peasant movement. The Supreme Court can pronounce its decision today on the petitions filed against the peasant movement. The Supreme Court’s rebuke on the leaders is yet to be affected. The trend of political rhetoric about the peasant movement is still going on. In this episode, the next name of BJP MP S Muniswami from Kolar in Karnataka has also been added.

S Muniswamy said that the farmers who were protesting on the borders of Delhi were being given money and brought to the agitation sites. They are middlemen and fake farmers. 4 4 BJP MP said: middlemen and fake farmers are agitating, stop drama (Photo: social media) Abhay Chautala sends resignation to the Speaker in support of farmers Farmers eating pizza, burgers and KFC: S Muniswamy The BJP MP did not stop here, but instead said that farmers are eating pizza, burgers and KFC and a gym has been built there. This play must stop. Please tell here that S. Muniswami is not the first such BJP leader to have given a controversial statement to the peasant movement. Rather, many BJP leaders have used this type of language before. 4 BJP MP said: middlemen and fake farmers are agitating, stop drama (Photo: social media) The war between the BJP and TMC increased, Mamta said BJP became a junk party The Supreme Court had expressed its displeasure over the attitude of the government It is noteworthy that earlier on Monday, the Supreme Court had expressed displeasure and rebuked the government while hearing the petitions related to the farmers’ movement. The Supreme Court had also said that we do not know what is happening between the farmer and the government. From what has been revealed, it seems that the new agricultural law is not in the public interest. Not a single petition has been filed that describes this law as good. We do not understand whether you are part of the solution or the problem. The Supreme Court had clearly stated that it is not happy with the attitude of the central government. The court questioned the Center whether they would impose a stay on the new agricultural law or the court itself would take this decision.

BJP-Congress alliance: will form government together here!

Opposition can come together for power in politics, alliances are formed and broken, but now the unity of the two largest parties of Indian politics, that is, no one is surprised by the alliance between BJP and Congress (BJP-Congress alliance) Lets do it. But in the history of Indian politics, the alliance of Congress and BJP has become an example. Apart from this, many anti-political parties have been aligned, the most recent example of which is Maharashtra. Alliance between Congress and BJP: The Congress and the BJP are always found to be pitted against each other, but there was a period when the two parties came together. Both are also remembered for example. ALSO READ: Marda will hit India In fact, there has been an alliance between the Congress and the BJP for the formation of the Chakma Autonomous District Council in Mizoram. Elections were held in 2018 for 20 members of the Chakma Autonomous District Council. In this election, Mizo National Front, the BJP’s ally in the North East, emerged as the largest party. 4 4 Congress-BJP coalition government in Chakma Autonomous District Council 8 members of Mizo National Front were elected, 7 candidates of Congress and 5 of BJP were victorious. This was followed by a post-poll alliance between the Congress and the BJP to occupy the Zilla Parishad. Local leaders of the Congress spoke to senior leaders of Delhi regarding this alliance. Also read: Security increased on Jama Masjid, Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad said such a thing Local leaders considered the alliance right: Most of the local leaders of the Congress considered this alliance appropriate. But the central leadership of the Congress was not announced to hide this pact with the BJP. The Congress-BJP alliance, however, resolved the issue locally. 4 Also read: Scindia’s political dinner party: many veterans involved, these ministers made distance This was the first time that the BJP-Congress alliance formed the government. The BJP and Congress alliance formed the government in Chakma Autonomous District Council in Mizoram. However in August 2019, 3 members of the Congress joined the BJP and one member resigned from the party. After which the number of BJP members increased to 7. Now here Congress and BJP together: At the same time, BJP and Congress can come together again. It is being claimed that there is an alliance between the Congress and the BJP for the Municipal Elections elections in the state in Telangana. KT Rama Rao, son of Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and a minister in the government, has claimed that BJP and Congress have come together for the upcoming municipal corporation elections. 4 According to the information, BJP is not getting candidates for the municipal elections. Therefore, in most places BJP and Congress are supporting each other.

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