Bullies beat three people, including women, with sticks and sticks in child dispute, case registered

In Fatehpur, women beaten with sticks and sticks.

In a village in Fatehpur (Fatehpur), the woman and her family members who came to complain in Children’s Dispute beat them up with sticks and beats. The police have registered a case after the video of the incident went viral.

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Fatehpur In Fatehpur, the controversy over children increased so much that women from other domineering families (women) were beaten up with sticks. During this incident, people present on the spot made a video of the incident and shared it on social media.

In the children’s dispute, the bullies beat up 3 people, including women, with sticks and sticks. Three people including the woman were seriously injured in the incident. All the injured have been admitted to the local hospital for treatment. Since the incident, the video of the brutal beating of bullies has gone viral on social media, causing local police furore. After this video went viral, police have hurriedly filed a case against 4 accused under the sections of assault and Balwa. The police have also arrested all the accused, showing speed.

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What is the whole matterThe incident is from Rahmatpur village in Bindki Kotwali area, where the bullies brutally beat up 3 members of the family, including the woman, with sticks and sticks, when the children were caught up in a brawl. Surprisingly, the police came into action only after the video of the beating of the bullies came out, after which the 4 accused have been arrested by the police.

According to Bindki CO Yogendra Malik, the video of the assault of three family members including the woman in the children’s dispute has gone viral, in which case the police are taking necessary action by arresting 4 accused.


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