Crisis clouded over recruitment of 97 thousand posts in UP

After getting into the current teacher recruitment disputes, on one hand, while hearing is going on in court, on the other hand, the government is also getting the case investigated.

97 thousand posts of government coming this year are big teacher Crisis has started clouding over recruitment. On September 4, CM Yogi announced that the government will soon bring another teacher recruitment for 97 thousand posts. In fact, after the current teacher recruitment controversies, on one side, there is a hearing in the court on the one hand, on the other hand, the government is also investigating the case.

Currently, 40,888 posts have been recruited in the teacher recruitment of 68,500 posts of assistant teachers of the current education department. The government’s plan this year was to bring one more teacher recruitment, which would include the remaining posts from this recruitment. In this way, recruitment of about 97 thousand posts would come. But now in the current recruitment, many such candidates are coming out, who were failed even after qualifying in the examination.

In such a situation, now the government will have to give recruitment to these candidates also, which may have to change the number of posts of this recruitment. The second big reason is that at this time the entire staff has been engaged only in investigating the faults in the current teacher recruitment. At the same time, a reshuffle of officers has also been done on a large scale. In such a situation, preparations for the upcoming recruitment are not being done.

Until the matter is completely resolved, it is not easy for the government to bring the next recruitment. Apart from this, if departmental sources are to be believed, the department is also considering changing the pattern of examination in the upcoming teacher recruitment. With the end of the cutoff in the examination, it is being planned to conduct an examination based on multiple choice questions instead of written. There will be no possibility of disturbance due to examination on OMR sheet. read this also –


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