Dance of Madara’s Baja and Bendra – Yes-Sir, Yes-Sir

BBurilal’s binoculars looked tightly across everything. The story of Pardarsi government / politics in our country, drama-gimmick, hana-gana, gammat, nacha, asan, bhasan, workout, au leela is very moving Lal Buzhakkad Kihis- ‘Nowadays Khay’s teeth are different and Dekhayya-Batay’s teeth were different. Some people were kept locked in seven stars. Giani mind of politics should search for transparency of government / politics work. Like this, make the first Kuchi of Jathe, after which you will become a star. The government should look at some of the creatures, and apply the right to information. Cut the curtains in the guise of the curtains of the government’s government. Feel free to give up and be successful.

Khabarilal Kihiis – ‘Naukarshah wanted Chakravyuh Bhede Bar Abhimanyu. Wuhi Akella Abhimanyu Jella Maharbharat, in great warrior and charioteer, surrounds the world with fear. A number of speeches were made for the common and middle status. Now Abhimanyu Gheri-Berry Marthan, and Jithin, then go and open the window of government information. Most of the officers make beautiful arms as per the beautiful turkau policy. Banners and posters of the ‘Right to Information’ respectfully lay down in the comfort of the leg. Lal Buzhakkad Kihis – ‘Khojji Chatura Mind Mouka kar karti karti karo’. Khalhe Dahar take the ladder and climb through the open and open the window. Cut the thread and find the Koila and diamond.

Katko jhun chuchwa chantha Neither Maya nor Ram. Officers were the father of the government. Leviya Leviya crosses the last saddle and then becomes the Gianic of the official transparency. In the first nine days, the government exclaimed in the last nine days. Khabarilal Kihis – ‘Look around government bureaucracy, in the whirlwind of those government chakri, every year there will be round and round. The officer’s heart is closed Some people may feel dizzy and feel new. Kono Radda wandered. Neither can be seen nor surpass the government Did not understand the trap of the ends. Take the official ghazals and hymns of transparency.

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The Pardarsi government proved to be in disarray. ‘Khabarilal gophiate gis aghu aghi kihis in my own rhythm -‘ Listen to the officer (bureaucrats) mind of Aathe ‘Now, do self-thinking. Let your inner soul lie. Mathat-Mathat found the new sources of his suvarath. He sees the tearful tears of the people unhappy with the rule. Look through the tears. Gian Darson high hooves of power pedestal. Gobardas Kihis- ‘Lord of the District, Katko Jhan Adhikari of the State Government. Wuhu L’Janathe the happiness and sorrow of the public. Kabhu Niyav Hothe, Kahu Aniyav. Kabhu Asha Kabhu Disappointment. The low-profile gentlemen of the power pedestal are less visible. Sheikhchilli Kihis – ‘Power sit in the chair, but the eyes of the junk were rattan.

Right and wrong should be seen clearly. Katko awakened the conscience of the jhun – woke up. The eyes were open. Who hangs their eyes in the darkness of Lund. Khabarilal Kihiis – ‘Connoisseur of Kono Gian strongly insensitive lying. See yourself in privacy. Settling with everybody – you have to deal with everyone. Thoughts of thought in the mind, the dust kept moving. Lal Buzhakkad Khiis – ‘Yes brother, it was necessary to see the government’s ongoing movement.’ . Sheikhchilli Kihis – ‘Ekhar means hey sir sir no no sir kehe bar aathe.’

Khabrilal Kihis- ‘Most of the officers are retired. When I tried to speak, I was stuck in the middle of nowhere. Vaisne jaise machari ke mukh me gari phans jathe. I would try to say yes, yes, yes, sir. No sir, I need some courage. Sheikhchilli Kihis – On the second day Officer Mahasaya changed his mind. ‘Khabrilal Kihis-‘ The leader had to endure even if he had to stay in mind. With literate illiterate / honest corrupt sabo. Ledga man ghalo tedga-bedga gothiya lethen. Netaji’s mind was in turmoil. How many more officers would ever give meaningless reprimands to the mind ‘.

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Lalbuzhakkad Kihis-English Hummer, leave the English Sir’s Yes / No Sir. Yes sir / no sir, we are immortal in the system. The word ‘Saheb’ is alive in every office. Saheb Hoy bar katko jhun le pauper belle bar parathe Here a lot of people ate their bread. Here comes the topic of research. Gobardas Kihi – ‘You have to be very good, very educated and educated. Parts of the clank were large. Large anecdote of large parts. Where is the power service nowadays? Sheikhchilli Kihis- ‘The leader and officer were the official coalition of the mind. Now see country service in your service. ‘Khabarilal Kihis-‘ How to beat, trump, distribute and dispose of the trump card of power. According to Netaji’s mind, the colors change. The officer’s mind changes the color he saw.

There was great happiness in chamchagiri. Like Madari, the dance of Bandera. This is how democracy proceeds. The bandera dances were made in the vicinity of Madari. Walk the wind and go to Wuhi Dahar. ‘Lalbuzhakkad Kihis – See the beauty of the rule in Yes Sir / Yes Sir. Yes Sir, in true / false worlds. Sheikh Chilli Kihis – ‘You will become a government Netaji is very good. Listen to the big officer’s shriek, and scold. Officer body heavy / in charge. Khabarilal Kihis – Manitari Man’s Intelligence Government’s full burden Here you go free. Free Rahav! Rahava mast in the fun of power. Dissolve in the corona era. Free – listen to the voice of Jordan? Devotees of the system of peace

Gobardas Kihis – ‘Netaji Mana Pargat Hothne’ in the media. Discuss media and spread Panchayati Dari. The spokesperson of the TV leader, Mana, his own hands, his eyes. Question – Respond was on Half quail – half quail. Tell your mind, listen to your mind. Look at the cutter of the cutter – listen, this is what the public has to say.


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