Demand to open Ambedkar Study Center in Central Universities | Demand to open Ambedkar Study Center in Central Universities

Digital Desk, New Delhi. The Delhi Teachers Association (DTA), a teacher organization associated with the University of Delhi, has written a letter to the visitors of the Central Universities, Ministry of Education and the UGC Chairman, demanding the establishment of the Ambedkar Chair in the name of Bhimrao Ambedkar. The DTA demands that a chair should be established in the name of Dr. Ambedkar, a pioneer of social revolution in all central, state and honorary universities across the country. The Delhi Teachers’ Association expressed displeasure, saying that no central university, Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia, IGNOU and Rashtriya Sanskrit University, etc. have Ambedkar Chair. There is a demand to open Ambedkar Studies in these universities.

In a letter to the visitor, the DTA said, “This request has been made to the Union Education Minister and the Chairman of the UGC.” To establish Dr. Ambedkar Chair and open Dr. Ambedkar Studies Center, issue a circular to the Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor of all Central, State and Honorary Universities. Through this circular, Dr. Ambedkar Chair and Dr. Ambedkar Studies Center can be opened. According to the DTA, there has been a demand to provide additional grants by the UGC for the Study Center and the Ambedkar Chair. Also, there should be research related to Dr. Ambedkar, which will prove to be beneficial for the younger generation of the country.

Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar has always fought for the rights of the deprived, the exploited and the backward classes, Professor Hansraj Suman, in charge of the Delhi Teachers Association (DTA) told the Ministry of Education. Today, his contribution is required to reach the common people. For this it is necessary that Dr. Ambedkar Chair should be established in all the Central, State and Honorary Universities and Ambedkar Studies Center should be opened, in which research on Dr. Ambedkar in particular should be done.

He further said that Dr. Ambedkar was an economist, jurist as well as an established journalist in the field of investigative journalism, who took out newspapers for 35 years in his life without any financial support. In a letter to the visitor, MHRD and UGC, Professor Suman said, “When Dr. Ambedkar is taught abroad, why not open his ideas to every citizen of India by opening the Ambedkar Studies Center in universities in India.”


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