Do not be disappointed if less than 50% number comes in 12th, choose this brilliant career

CBSE, ICISE and the rest of the State Board’s 12th results have come. Everyone has got the result but many students may not be happy with the result. If your numbers have come down from your friends, then you have absolutely no need to worry. This is a mutual jealousy that will go away in two days. But what about career now? What will happen to the career if the numbers are low? You also do not have to worry because here you are given 10 career options which you can choose from any stream, you can adopt and choose your own career.

Foreign language expert
When you go out for a trip, many of your guide people will be heard speaking Chinese, Japanese, French or any other language. You too can make a career in it by learning the language like them. But learning a foreign language does not mean becoming a guide. This is also a career. You can become a foreign language instructor. In the country whose language is learned, one can do a job there. If you study in the same language then you can become a language expert. You can also earn money by becoming a part time guide.

Fashion DesignerIf you have 50% number and you are interested in clothes, shoes, jewelry, then you can choose one of these and study the designing of it. They have very good career prospects and more than studies depends on your interest and talent, how successful you will be.

If you wanted to become a doctor and could not bring the number, then there is no problem. You can earn as much as a doctor even with less money and less studies. You can get training in physiotherapy from private or government institute. Every day people go to the doctor with problems related to muscle or bones and the doctor advises physiotherapy. This can be a good option for you.

Every state has ITIs to impart technical education. There are hundreds of courses in those ITIs. One of them is Drotsman. A drotsman is one who engraves an entire technical plan on paper. This drawing is made. If you like drawing and you want to make a career in it too, then you can take training of Drotsman. In this, you will get both private and government jobs easily.

events Manager
You can graduate in event management after 12th. After learning the fund of event management, you can work in any big event company or you can also set up your own company. Once the business is properly erected, your turnover can go up to crores.

fitness trainer
If you are fond of exercising in gym in school then why not find a career in it? Career career, health health But to be one step ahead of others, you should study to make dietician. In terms of fitness, you will become a complete package that people want. You can either work in any big gym or fitness center or can give freelance training to people.

If you were a commerce student then you can study BBA. You will get admission even in low numbers but you should be interested in accounts and business. After BBA, you are open to work in marketing or finance. If you do MBA after that, then it will be even better for your career.

Air Hostess
The aviation industry is continuously booming. From ground staff to airhostess, you have hundreds of work options in this industry. Girls can take admission in private institutes to become airhostesses. And boys can also get manager level jobs on the ground staff from the same institutes.

Multimedia – Animation Expert
You can become a multimedia expert by taking admission in animation institutes even in low numbers. The path from video editor to motion graphic artist opens for you. The better animation artist you are, the better job you will get. You can also find work in films through this.

Travel expert
You just got out of school. If you are interested in wandering more than studying, then why don’t you think about making a career in it? You can build your business without any cost and after starting the month on a small star, you can earn millions of rupees a month. Choose whichever place you like. Make a two-day trip to visit there. Take 10-12 people and roam there. Book them yourself and take out your margin. In this way, you can earn money by planning every weekend and then also for long holidays. But you should have complete knowledge of the place where you are going.


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