Fresh is Laila Majnu, Once a sight is made

Avinash Tiwari and Trupti Dimri.

The film is directed by Sajid Ali, brother of Imtiaz Ali. Imtiaz Ali is the creative producer of the film. But in the film, you will continue to experience Imtiaz.

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To know the depth of love, do not know how long Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha and Sheerin-Farhad are being given examples. We have all heard about these love stories at one time or another. The film, Laila Majnu, directed by Imtiaz Ali’s brother Sajid Ali, also has the same story which has already appeared on the big screen in the appearance of the film.

The story of the new Laila Majnu is Kashmir based. Trupti Dimri plays Laila in the film and Avinash Tiwari is in the cast. Laila is the daughter of a respected person from Kashmir and Qas is the son of a rich man of the same city. The image of Qais is of a spoiled rajade throughout the city. Laila is the darling of her father. Laila Mastamoula is a girl with a free mind, a little vicious person who enjoys riding the boys behind her. While doing something like this, he is met with cas. Kasya falls in love with Laila upon seeing her. Laila also talks to him with the intention of trying out the cas, but later she also falls in love with the cas. Everything is fine till here. The trouble begins when both realize that their families will never approve of their relationship because they are already enemies of each other over a land deal. Sumit Kaul does the work of ghee in the fire of this enmity.

Laila’s family marries Laila to get her out of the loop. After this, the real story of the film begins. When the love of qais falls on his head like passion. Cass leaves Laila with confidence in her fate. When he returns after 4 years, the atmosphere becomes such that Laila agrees to return to him again. Gradually, waiting for Laila gets complicated by the casings, and with the casings, it becomes a little crazy.

The story of the film is in the present context, in which both Laila and Qais belong to the rich families. 20 minutes of the beginning can make you feel like a burden because during this time the story is moving forward only to be tied. The story is based on present-day Kashmir, it is also felt in the beginning because the characters of the film seem to be speaking in English. Before the film starts, it is written that this film does not promote female violence in any way. But the manner in which a word like rape has been used in a dialog seems very irrational and irresponsible. Speaking of acting, Avinash Tiwari seems to be playing the role of Majnu. His acting in the second half of the film is excellent. Satisfaction is much weaker than Avinash’s. In many places, his expressions are felt with much pomp. The rest of the characters of the film also work well in their place. The film is based on the current Laila Majnu, so one thing comes to light that when Cass starts going into depression, his friends imprison him at home instead of showing him to a doctor. Laila has been shown at the beginning of the film, it shows that her lipstick is more focused than her acting. Despite this, the film’s leads make the screen feel fresh.

The film is directed by Sajid Ali, brother of Imtiaz Ali. Imtiaz Ali is the creative producer of the film. But in the film, you will continue to experience Imtiaz. The way music is used in the film and as the locations of Kashmir have been shot, Rockstar starts to miss. The kind of craze Avinash has shown in the character of Cass makes him feel somewhat like Rockstar’s Jordan. If you like romantic movies, then the film can be watched once. The music of the film is already liked by the people. The songs are also written properly.

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