Govinda will now keep distance from Krishna Abhishek and his family

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The rift between Govinda and his nephew Krishna Abhishek has now become a topic of discussion on social media.

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new Delhi. Bollywood veteran actor Govinda And the rift between his nephew Krishna Abhishek has now become a topic of discussion on social media. This discussion started once again when Krishna did not appear in the recent episode of Govinda, which arrived in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Actually, Krishna refused to work in this episode. He said that his enmity affected him badly.

Govinda broke silence
At the same time, now Govinda has broken his silence on the tension with Krishna in this matter. In a recent interview, Govinda said that he read in several reports that Krishna had refused to work in the episode in which I came as a guest. He said that the relationship should not be talked about publicly, but he is saddened by Krishna’s statement, because many useless things have been said in his statement, which spoils the name.

Krishna’s claims rejectedIn his statement, Krishna had said that Govinda did not even come to the hospital to meet his sons, who was fighting for life and death. At the same time, rejecting Krishna’s claims, Govinda said that Krishna may not have known that he had gone to the hospital with his family to see the children and that he had also met the doctor and nurse who took care of the children, But he was told that Krishna’s wife Kashmirira Shah did not want any member of Govinda’s family to meet him.

Unhappy with Krishna’s behavior

Govinda said that after requesting a lot, he was allowed to see the children from a distance and we had returned home with a heavy heart. He also said that he also went to Krishna’s house with his sister Aarti Singh, who he might have forgotten to tell in his interview. Govinda is deeply saddened by Krishna’s behavior and has said that now he wants to keep distance from Krishna and his family.


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