If you have Jio SIM, then there will be so many tasks by speaking, easy way

Jio offers many services to its customers for free.

To recharge the phone, set callertune, jio sim users can do many tasks just by giving commands … Let’s learn the whole way

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Reliance Jio offers many cheap plans of Jio according to the convenience of the customers. In addition, Jio offers many such services in its app (jio app), which avails many of the customers’ tasks. There are millions of users of Jio, but there will still be many users who will have to tell about all the features of Jio. Yes, Jio also provides such service to its customers, through which they can also do many things by speaking. Recharging can be done setting callertune, jio sim users can do many tasks just by giving commands.

Yes, there is a voice assistant named ‘HelloJio’ in My Jio App, which users can do many things by giving commands. This service named HelloGeo can be accessed through the mic icon at the top right of the My Jio Android app.

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Users can also ask for the phone recharge, plan information, bill payment and live cinema without taking the phone just by giving a command. Not only this, users can also ask the assistant how to set up Jio Tune, or how to recharge someone else’s Jio. For information, let us know that this service of Jio is available in Hindi and English. Let us know how to do mobile recharge, music and movie play, call making can be done with Hello Jio Voice Assistant. With the help of this feature, alarms can be set with the help of voice commands in mobile.

>> For this, first you have to go to ‘My Jio App’ in Android phone.

>> After this, a microphone sign will appear in the box ‘My Jio Search’. Tap on it.

>> After tapping on it, you will get many types of options. There are options like ‘Recharge my number, Recharge for a friend, I want to pay my bill, What is my data balance. In this, you can get your work done by tapping on the mic and giving any command. (Disclaimer: News 18 Hindi is part of Reliance Industries company Network 18 Media and Investment Limited. Network 18 Media and Investment Limited is owned by Reliance Industries.)


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