In this central jail also, the songs of the Chunje Chhath, female and male prisoners, the Chhatris performed the Arghya

Inmates in Gaya Central Jail celebrated Chhath

Chhath folk songs were playing from loudspeakers in the Gaya Central Jail Campus, while in the religious environment, there was a lot of joy among the prisoners.

Gone. Chhath Pooja, the mahaparva of folk faith, was completed today only after offering arghya to the rising sun, while Chhath Puja in Gaya Central Jail also ended in a very enthusiastic atmosphere. 14 female prisoners and two male prisoners were performing Chhath Puja this time in Gaya Central Jail. Better arrangements were made by the jail superintendent and deputy superintendent regarding Chhath Puja. A temporary tank was constructed in the prison complex itself where the sixth female and male prisoners offered arghya to the rising sun.

Chhath folk songs were playing from loudspeakers in the Gaya Central Jail premises, while in the religious atmosphere, there was a lot of happiness among the prisoners. Jail Superintendent Vijay Kumar Arora, Jail Deputy Superintendent of Chhath Mahaparva, among the women-male prisoners who were fasting for Chhath, distributed saris and other clothes, soup, daura, fruit worship and other items needed for Chhath fast.

Jail Superintendent Vijay Kumar Arora said that in the premises of the jail itself, the fast and ardent god Surya was offered a fast for which the temporary tank was made. Guidelines of Kovid-19 were also fully followed. There was a lot of devotion in the jail regarding Chhath festival.


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