Jobs were rejected 32 times, today the owner of a large e-commerce company

Success Story: Something like the story of Jack Ma, the founder and chairman of Alibaba Group. (Photo: PTI)

Today, we are telling you a very interesting story about the success of “Jack Ma”, the founder and chairman of Alibaba Group.

Like this, everyone has the desire to do something in life, but success does not come easily. Their progress makes it clear that the most important for success is courage, patience and constant effort to do something. This is the story of “Jack Ma”, the founder and chairman of Alibaba Group. Right now Jack Ma is the richest person in China. His current assets are around 23 lakh crores but he was rejected 32 times for the job.

Jack Ma was born in a poor family
Jack Ma was born on 15 October 1964 in Hangzhou, southern China. Jack Ma was born into a poor family in China. He failed the entrance exam of the college twice, due to which he could not get a job in about 32 companies including KFC. Then he got unprecedented success from the third Internet company Alibaba. Jack Ma was the second of his three siblings. Jack Ma grew up with his siblings at a time when communist China was completely alienating from the West.

Used to fight between insectsJack Ma was fast since childhood and used to fight with his classmates on small matters. Jack Ma recalls his school days in a book called ‘Alibaba’, saying that I was never afraid of people older than myself. In his childhood, Jack loved to catch insects and fight them. They did not matter how big the worm was, they just liked to catch those insects and fight among themselves.

Never give up

His hometown became a tourist place in 1972 after US President Richard Nixon’s visit to Hangzhou. At that time, he was in the era of Teenage, then every morning he used to reach the big hotels of the city to guide the tourists in English. His nickname “Jack” was given by one of his tourist friends.

After completion of high school, Jack Ma applied to colleges for further studies. But he failed the entrance exam twice. Jack Ma, who did not give up, studied hard and for the third time he was successful in the entrance of Hungzhi Teachers Institute. After graduating in 1988, he applied to many companies.

Beer searched on internet for the first time
Before getting the job of English teacher, he also rejected from dozens of companies including KFC. He used to get $ 12 a month from a teacher’s job. Jack had no idea about computers and the Internet, but on a tour in the US in 1995, he was greatly influenced by it. Jack Ma searched ‘Beer’ on the Internet for the first time, but he did not find any Chinese beer name in the search results.

Only then decided to open an Internet company for China. However, his initial two ventures failed badly. However, 17 years later, he was able to convince some of his friends to invest in “Alibaba”, an online market place. In 2005, Yahoo spent about $ 1 billion to buy 40 percent shares in his company.


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