JP Nadda shared old video of Rahul Gandhi, asked- What is this magic happening?

Dr. Vedapratap Vedic The peasants of India have greatly favored the opposition parties. It had been six years and he continued to punch in the air. Now, with the grace of the farmers, a blotting knife has come in their hands, the more they run it against the Modi government, the more it goes against them. Now Rahul Gandhi, the crown prince of the opposition’s largest party Congress, reached out to the President of India instead of farmers. It is said that he has submitted a memorandum with two crore signatures to the President in favor of the peasant movement. Two crore are very few. It could also be called 100 crores. Priyanka Gandhi was caught by the police If two crore people have signed it really, then Rahulji would have brought at least two lakh of them to Delhi. His sister Priyanka was caught by the police. Their objection to this may be correct, but that’s why you can say that India’s democracy is fake, artificial, imaginary, it is absolutely bad. 4 4 See also: The meanings of ‘Abhaya’ and ‘Nirbhaya’ are the same and the grievances too! The democracy of India, in spite of all its shortcomings, is still the largest and to a great extent democracy in the world. It is ridiculous for Rahul to say that anyone who opposes Modi is declared a terrorist. By the way, if it is only to be called, then it is better to be called a jester – to be called a terrorist, but what is lacking in freedom in India today? Whoever wishes, speaks and writes. Who is stopping him? They are selling their faith Newspapers, journalists and TV channels are happy, timid, cowardly, greedy – they are selling their faith. They are suppressing themselves. They do not need to be pressed. He was suppressed, in an emergency, by Rahul’s grandmother. What would five-seven-year-old Rahul have come to know about imaginary democracy? As far as the internal democracy of the party is concerned, Yuvraj does not dare to ever touch this question. 4 See also: Why HC said- no government, police should register sedition case from the eyes of the constitution Except for the Narasimhav period, the Congress has become a private limited company in the last 50 years. It still has very capable and talented leaders, but what is their status? This Congress-Corona has spread to all the parties of the country. The end of internal democracy of the parties would have led to the end of external democracy.

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