On Chhath, wife-in-law was not ready to come, then husband kidnapped sister-in-law’s daughter

A young man who kidnapped his sister’s daughter in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur (Gorakhpur) CO Kotwali VP Singh said that a 3-year-old girl of her sister-in-law, Bihar, who came to her in-laws to bid farewell to his wife, was abducted on Wednesday.

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Gorakhpur In Gorakhpur (Gorakhpur) of Uttar Pradesh, the act of a madman from Bihar has come to light. The young man who has come to his in-laws from Bihar to Gorakhpur has done the kidnapping (kidnapping) of his sister’s 3-year-old daughter for Chhath (Chhath). On receiving information about the incident, the Tewaripur police has recovered the innocent girl with the arrest of the accused youth. Police have arrested the accused youth from Domingarh area. It is learned that the accused youth has already gone to jail in the case of theft.

Disclosing the matter, CO Kotwali VP Singh told the media that a young man from Bihar’s mother-in-law had kidnapped his sister’s three-year-old daughter on Wednesday to bid farewell to his wife. Acting on the information of kidnapping, Tiwaripur police registered a case and recovered the girl safely within a few hours. Tewaripur police arrested accused Moussa from Domingarh railway station.

Disclosing the incident, CO Kotwali VP Singh said that Tiwaripur Inspector Sandeep Singh, led by SP City Dr. Kaustubh, on the instructions of SSP Jogendra Kumar, recovered the girl after she was informed of the kidnapping of the 3-year-old girl. Started trying. After registering a case of kidnapping, the police team immediately became active and with the help of surveillance, the police arrested the young man, resident of Bagaha in Bihar from Domangarh railway station and recovered the girl.

CO Kotwali said that the accused was waiting for the train to take the girl to Bihar, but with the help of the police, the accused youth has been caught. The police has given the girl medical and handed it over to the family, while the accused has been produced in the court. Where the accused has been sent to jail under judicial custody. The CO said that the accused youth is a driver. He has been jailed twice for theft from Bagaha Bihar and Padrauna Kushinagar. The child’s father is also an auto driver.Sister’s daughter kidnapped when wife not farewell

CO Kotwali told that the wife of the accused young man’s wife is in a locality in Tivaripur area. His wife came to the maiden on November 11 to celebrate Chhath. On November 16, he came to his in-laws’ Gorakhpur to take his wife home. He asked the wife to walk home, so he said that she would buy clothes for him only. After this, the accused young man bought a cloth of 4500 rupees. The young man said that even after that the wife was not ready to leave.

At that time, her sister-in-law, who was from Rajghat area, had also come to her maternal home. To pressurize the wife to walk home, the accused young man picked up the girl by stealing at about 12 o’clock on the night of 18 November without informing anyone. At the same time, when the families came to know, they informed the police. On the other hand, the accused remained seated at Domingarh railway station all night with the girl. The accused says that he did this only to pressure his wife. There was no intention of kidnapping. Although the police said that he was waiting for the train going to Bihar.

Police headache increased due to the information of kidnapping

The incident with the girls is coming out in the last few days. As soon as the news of the kidnapping of the three-year-old girl came to the police on Wednesday night, the hands and feet of the police were swollen. The fear of untoward was also creating fear in the mind of the police along with the child’s family. Especially the new Thanedar police station of Tivaripur police station, Sandeep Singh was also scared. However, the result of fear and swift action was that the girl was recovered by the police within a few hours.


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