On the occasion of Diwali, for the first time, a huge drop in saffron prices, prices may fall further

Since the lockdown, the price of saffron has dropped significantly.

Experts tell that keeping saffron at a normal temperature for a long time does not spoil saffron nor does it have any effect on its taste.

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new Delhi. Whether it is dry fruits or spices, the saffron status between the two has always been above in terms of rate. There is only saffron in spices and dry fruits which are sold in lakhs of rupees per kg. And if its prices also fall so much that traders can come in, then it is bound to be shocked. Even before the arrival of Diwali and New Crop, the price of saffron has reduced by thousands of rupees per kg. Preparations have started for the arrival of new saffron in the market. According to this, the rate of saffron is expected to decrease further.

Price of saffron reduced by Rs 50 thousand / kgMohammad Azam, a businessman of Noori spices and dry fruit, says that the situation in Kashmir has not been hidden from anyone since 370 was removed. Every kind of business was closed from Kashmir. Saffron supplies were also affected. Then Corona from February and the lockdown effect started from March. The result is that the earlier goods have not come out and now a few days later a new crop will arrive.

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Before the lockdown, the saffron of the best selling general variety was being sold up to Rs 200 per gram. But now when the market is open after the lockdown, its prices have come down to 150 rupees per gram. By the way, saffron up to 5 lakh rupees is present in the market.Saffron occurs in 200 villages of KashmirSaffron is known by many names in India. Somewhere Jafran is called Sephron. In India, saffron is cultivated in Kishtwar, Budgaon, Srinagar and Pampore in Jammu and Kashmir. Saffron cultivation has also started in parts of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Saffron is priced in the world on its quality. In the world markets, the price of Kashmiri saffron is up to Rs 5 lakh per kg. Flowering starts in the first week of October in saffron plants and it gets ready in November. Kashmir is second only to Iran in saffron yield.


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