PM Modi said at G20 summit, to fight unitedly against climate change

PM Modi addressed the G20 summit.

G20 Summit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the G20 summit that the war against climate change is not to be fought behind closed doors but to be fought unitedly.

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new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) addressed the 15th G20 Summit on Sunday. In his address, Prime Minister Modi gave his views on many issues like environment including climate change. PM Modi said that it is equally important to keep your focus on fighting climate change. He said that climate change should be fought not only behind closed doors but in an integrated, comprehensive and holistic manner. PM Modi said that our focus is on saving the citizens and economy from the epidemic, but it is equally important to focus on the fight against climate change.

Prime Minister Modi said that by 2030, we have set a target of correcting 26 million hectares of degraded land again. We are encouraging a circular economy. The Prime Minister said that due to my government’s commitment to the traditional ethos of living in harmony with the environment, India has adopted low carbon and climate-resilient development practices. India is not only meeting the goals of our Paris Agreements, but also beyond them.

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Talking about the importance of solar energy, Modi said that the International Solar Alliance is one of the fastest growing international organizations. We plan to raise billions of dollars, train thousands of stakeholders and promote research and development in renewable energy. He said that the ISA will contribute to reducing carbon footprint. The current president of the G20 is Saudi Arabia. Due to Corona virus, this year’s summit is being held through video conference.The fastest growing economies are members of the G20 group

The G20 group includes the world’s largest and fastest growing economies. These countries contribute 85 percent of the global GDP and two-thirds of the global population. This summit of a powerful group is taking place in the midst of the worst global recession since the Great Depression of 1930. After a virtual summit in March, the G20 had announced to invest more than five thousand billion dollars in the global economy to reduce the effects of the epidemic.

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The much-awaited summit will be attended by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihida Suga, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of China Xi Jinping, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and President of France Emmanuel Macron and other members of the group Leaders of countries can participate.


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