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Empty Janatayi Nahi, Corona Jison, a terrible disease also suffers from politics in the country. When the whole world trembled with Corona, Oh Corona, let the politics of our country start. Corona stopped everything, but a crook of politics was not crooked. Whether it is the work of the government or the work of the government, election or selection, politics goes on with all its fun. No worship of Durga Maiya in Navratar, permission for Bial, Pandal Murthy, Ramlila, Dussehra, Mela-Thela is not available. But who should stop the politics?

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Elections in Bihar, bye-elections in the rest of the state, Tanikha Lagal that such a terrible corona disease in the country? From the leader to the people, everyone is dumb in the color of politics. Bhagya’s pedestal of Corona is not found. I felt the power of politics. Corona also trembles due to youth.

Actually, politics dissolves in the air of the country. People may live without food and water, but without politics they cannot live. Our leaders also take full care of the public in this matter. The whole dose of politics is the mass movement of the public from time to time. Huge favor, brother. Even when the entire country has been locked in as Corona, our leaders have not seen Haltan since the beginning of their religion. When Corona des flourished, Parliament continued. The people of the government in Parliament said that there should be no crisis of corona in India. On the other hand, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said since February that there was a huge crisis in the country, there should be a huge crisis. But only onyar nahi bhayal of onkar sunay.

Until then, the drama of politics in Madhya Pradesh has started. This drama reached Karnataka. 22 Congress MLAs rebel under the leadership of Jyotiraditya Scindia. The Congress insisted that the MLA should come back, but Dal Nahi Galal. On the other hand, BJP went on the demand to prove majority. The case reached the Superim Court. In the end, the first Chief Minister Kamal Nath resigned before proving a majority of 20 March. Part-out of the new government was started in the state. The corona inner-inner root remained deposited.

Kamal Nath later cried out to the journalist that the vacant Onkar government fell for a late fall, from where the government announced the Girl lockdown. Kamal Nath alleged that in lieu of the government arranging for a fight with Corona, the government of Madhya Pradesh was busy in the jugaad.

In the meantime, due to lack of investigation and adequate system of medicines, there is a lot of feeling inside the corona. As a result, even after 21 days, the lockdown was seen to increase. Everything is closed. J Jahan Rahl U Ohi stuck The most upset daily wage laborers. Do not take care of nor do not eat. The hunger-piazzal subfamily turned out to be their respective villages. Ketna laborer Poor Rastai died in accident Now politics started on the help of laborers too.

Rahul Gandhi met 25 laborers along the road in Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi on 16 May. All this is going on from Haryana to Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh. From the system of Rahul Mazdooran’s misery to everyone’s food and drink, leave to Leike village to become a jugaad. Who was wrong with helping the laborers, but the e-mail meeting of the BJP did not look good. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman accuses Rahul Gandhi of doing politics on Corona crisis.

Rahul Gandhi continued to accuse the government of misconduct throughout the entire lockdown. The demand for Pisa Devya, the cash directly of Gariban, is also known. The government later provided free ration, cooking gas cylinders, five thousand five hundred rupees in Mahila Jan Dhan Khatan as well as help in various ways for the poor. But as much is needed, so much help is not available. Humchi-Humcha is equal between AK Leike Netan.

Due to continuous increase the problem of migrant laborers reached the village. AK Leik politics also started. Politics of Jammu in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh. There is no election here. Who should not jump into the politics of the Aisan Party, nor Rahin Jawan Pravasi Mazdoor. Uttar Pradesh was the hottest politics of Mazdoorhan. About 50 laborers from Rajasthan rode in a truck going to Madhya Pradesh. In Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, on May 16, the workers’ truck collided with another truck, 25 workers died. The total opposition party government is in a tizzy.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi and the laborers arrived in the area, the bus landed in the field. Between the Uttar Pradesh government and the Congress, the issue of bus driving so that smoke continued to blow for several days. An FIR has been filed against Congress State President Ajay Lallu and Priyanka Gandhi’s secretary Sandeep Singh on charges of fake list of one thousand buses. Lallu Poor sent to jail, Dehal Gaylan. The Sackdan bus remained parked on the border of Uttar Pradesh for several days, but the government did not get away from the bus, the bus was not moving. Yes, politics is very good.

The issue of migrant laborers is same The pressure on the government increased so that in the end, the decision to run the special train fell to Levi. In fact, the government did not know that such a big problem was created in the country after so many migrant laborers and their lockouts. The first train departed from Lingampalli railway station in Telangana on the first May of May, leaving about 1200 laborers from Hatia Bade in Jharkhand. After that, special trains started from every city, and also the politics of politics. The news of the recovery of the rent from the workers, the Opposition Government, got upset. Congress President Sonia Gandhi announced that Keyla was the Congress. In every state, the people of Congress buy tickets and buy workers. Keraya’s case reached Superim Court. The government government’s direct dehalas do not move the money from laborers at what cost.

Till now, politics has continued on Corona. Real politics started after another The speechless Netan’s so-and-so days were no less than punishment for many. But the speech said payable, and how. Now the leaders find the way to the virtual speech.

Rajya Sabha elections started after one. In the election, the total protocol of Corona was put on the screen. Leike Kul Khel bylaws of MLA Many people also got infected during this. But what difference?

Corona Badge is also responsible for each other’s play and not a game. The program of Donald Trump in Khabu Gujarat, which is under target of Kabul Tabligi Jamaat. One state has its own accounts from other states as well and its own border is sealed. Look at the low case of Corona, the politics of your bravery was very good. Perhaps this is the reason that today in the case of Aapen des Corona, it has reached second place in the world after America. Ho Sakela should also become a Vishwaguru in Corona.

Tension between LAC with China started in Ladakh. Opposition Hi-Toba Machavay Lagal, news. The government was accused of coercion and concealment. The government also accused the opposition of speaking the language of China. The real matter of the news of martyrdom of 20 of his jawans in the Galvan Valley on June 15 came before Khuli. The Congress looks at the central government All party meeting calls for Bolavay. Prime Minister Modi’s all-party meeting on 19 June. Even in the meeting, the face of the Congress is not so good.

Now, so far, the total is open. The field of politics too. Played politics of cricket, Thoru Khelhyay, on the one hand hope is foolish There is no police in cricket itself. IPL UAE Lei Jae’s Fall, Uho without a view, in an empty stadium. Elections in the country, by-elections are held, Kishanan’s Andolan goes on. The medicine of every disease is empty politics, absolutely panacea. Take the spoil of corona. We should all be proud of this system. The economic disaster and unemployment in the country did not happen due to the unfortunate epidemic and the speech of Netanyi of Netany over the debris of unemployment.

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