Reliance’s live phone will fulfill Prime Minister Modi’s Make In India dream

AGM of Reliance The much awaited Jio phone was launched on Friday. Launching it, the company’s chairman Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani and daughter Isha Ambani said that this phone will fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream about Make in India, as it is being made by the Indian company for Indians.

Unlimited Data and Calling
This phone will have 22 languages, the effective price of which will be really zero, although users will have to deposit a security deposit of Rs 1500 for this, which will be returned after three months. With this phone, users will be able to call for free. Unlimited data will also be found in this phone.

Available for user testing from August 15Jio’s phone will be available for user testing from August 15. Its free booking will start from August 24. From September of this year, it will be available to those who will be pre-booking it. Ambani said that our goal is to provide live phones to 50 lakh people every week.

Democratization of digital culture

Ambani said that Reliance democratized equity culture first. Now Jio is democratizing digital culture in India. Ambani said that people of remote villages of India will also get digital learning, e-banking, e-healthcare and real time information. They will get all the facilities that the people of Mumbai or Delhi get

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