Seven people die after drinking sanitizer at party, two in coma

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People started drinking sanitizer when the alcohol (Alcohal) ran out during a party going on in a village in Russia. Seven people died after this while two are in coma.

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Moscow After drinking alcohol at a party in a village in Russia, people started drinking Hand Sanitizer. This step became heavy for him and seven people died. At the same time, two people are in a coma. According to reports, 9 people were partying in Tomatore village of Tatinski district. The sanitizer that people in the party drank was 69 percent methanol that was being sold as a hand cleaner during the epidemic.

The DailyMail report stated that three people were killed first and the remaining 6 were taken by aircraft to Yakutsk, the regional capital. Later four more people died. Federal public health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor has said that a criminal case of poisoning has been filed with the sanitizer.

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No drink sanitizerThe Russian government has asked people not to drink locally made sanitizers. So far 20, 64,748 cases of corona virus infection have been reported in Russia while 35,778 people have died. At the same time, 5.8 million people have been found corona positive worldwide and 13. 8 lakh people have died.


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