Started online coaching five years ago, now 2.5 lakh subscribers; Annual turnover of ten million

In today’s positive news, meet Asha Bineesh from Kerala. Asha runs online competition exam coaching. His journey, which started five years ago with one or two students, has reached 5000 students today. His channel now has more than 2.5 lakh subscribers. At the same time, the annual turnover has reached one crore rupees.

Asha, 34, is a software engineer. After engineering in 2006, he worked at a company for a few years. After childbirth, she decided to leave the job and spend time with him. She says- During my stay at home, I kept trying to do something creative. Meanwhile, I recorded some video lectures and uploaded them to YouTube.

The first two videos of Asha did not get a very good response. But, the third video was seen and appreciated by many. He then uploaded some more videos. People advised him to start coaching by messaging and calling. After this, their journey started. She teaches in an innovative way. Hundreds of his students have achieved success in different exams.

Asha herself has prepared for banking and has also become successful. However, he did not join the bank due to service locations outside Kerala. She says that there are very few online platforms for competitive exams, where preparations are made in better ways and at less cost. So I decided that now I will guide the children online.

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