Tejaswi’s target – Nitish Kumar should churn on the mandate of change

Nitish’s government continues to attack Tejashwi on the issue of corruption.

Tejaswi Yadav, while targeting, said that we have been raising our voices against corruption and will continue to raise it. Nitish Kumar should churn on defeat.

Patna. In Bihar, the opposition leader Tejaswi Yadav (Tejaswi Yadav) continues to attack the new Nitish Government. Once again, he targeted that the mandate of Bihar is for change. Everybody knows that in which case FIR is registered on Mevalal Chaudhary. Despite this, they are given tickets. And when he wins, he is made a minister.

Tejashwi said that those who were involved in the Muzaffarpur girl child scandal in the previous Nitish government were roaming as ministers. We have been and will continue to raise our voice against corruption. Nitish Kumar should churn on defeat.

In fact, Dr. Mevalal Chaudhary, who was surrounded by allegations of corruption, had to resign from the post of Education Minister. After which Minister Ashok Chaudhary has been given the charge of Education Minister. But, now they are also seen getting surrounded in controversies. But the charge is not directly on him, but is related to his wife. Tejashwi Yadav targeted Ashok Chaudhary by tweeting. Referring to the corruption charges leveled against his wife, he wrote, ‘Chief Minister Nitish ji Mukutmani, accused of plagiarism, JDU acting president and minister Ashok Chaudhary’s wife is accused of fraud and forgery of crores of rupees from bank, CBI is investigating Yes, there is a case in court. Look at their honesty, it is said that corruption of wife is not a big deal.

Please tell that in a corruption case, a case of fraud is going on with Ashok Chaudhary’s wife, which is being investigated by the CBI. He was charged by the CBI in this case. After this Ashok Chaudhary’s wife went to the High Court, from where she was acquitted. But, the CBI went to the Supreme Court on this matter, where the High Court’s decision has been suspended.


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