These IIT students selling milk leaving millions of jobs

Shreyas (left) and Puneet Kumar

Puneet Kumar and Shreyas Nagdawane, an IIT Bombay scholar, started Supr Daily in 2015 to sell milk.

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Job worth millions Except selling milk. Surprised. But two IIT Bombay educated colleagues chose it as a business. Puneet Kumar and Shreyas Nagdawane started Supr Daily to sell milk in Mumbai in 2015. Within two years, his business has shone. This venture of Puneet and Shreyas has received a great response from customers and investors.

Sold more than 600 tons of milk
Supr Daily claims that they have completed 500,000 orders in the last two years. This company of Puneet and Shreyas sells milk in Mumbai and its surrounding areas. They have sold more than 600 tonnes of milk in the last two years. Supr Daily, along with milk, also delivers essential things like bread, eggs, cheese and butter. The company has so far received $ 16.2 lakh funding from investors.

Delivery of milk takes place before 7.30 amTo buy milk from Supr Daily, customers choose the brand of their choice (Amul, Mother Dairy, Gokul, Mahananda etc.) on its app. Users can make an advance payment for three months to a full month. The amount of milk the customer orders, he reaches his house before 7.30 am. Customers can also increase the quantity of milk for the next day through the app or stop delivery of milk when going outside. Apart from this, if you do not like milk, you can stop its delivery anytime.

Will expand to other cities Supr Daily

Supr Daily takes milk directly from dairy firms and delivers it to customers without any adulteration. Supr Daily gives an insulated bag free to its customers who take a month’s subscription, which is designed in such a way that milk remains cold for several hours and does not spoil quickly. This company will soon expand into other cities of the country. According to a report, milk business accounts for 90 per cent of Supr Daily’s revenue.


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