These store-keeper-made fashion kings, are the second richest in the world today

This week there has been a lot of competition between the world’s biggest businessmen to become rich. At the beginning of the week, Amazon owner Jeff Bejeos overtook Bill Gates. According to Forbes Live Billionaire ranking, now Amancio Ortega, founder of fashion retailer Zara, now surpasses Jeff Bejejos is. At the same time, Spain’s retail king Ortega has been the second richest man in the world for a long time before this.

We are telling you the story of the life of the CEO of Zara, the girls’ favorite brand, which very few people know.

Ortega believes in living a life of simplicity
Emmanio Ortega is counted among those businessmen of the world who believe in living a very simple life. In 1975, Ortega started the Zara brand together with his wife. Ortega at first loved the name Jorba, but due to the name being pre-registered, he could not take this name. After this, he named his company Zara.Job at local shirtmaker store at age 14

Ortega is born in Spain, he was the youngest of 4 siblings. His father used to work in the railway. He was forced to leave school at the age of 14 due to his father’s job. He initially got a job in the local shirtmaker’s store, after which Ortega made a strong hold in the fashion and clothing industry. Then he was made store keeper there.

Ortega does not like coverage in media
According to a report by Forbes, Ortega still lances with his employees. His simplicity can be gauged from the fact that even after being a successful businessman, there was not a single picture of Ortega in the media before 1999. He stayed away from the media for 25 years even after starting Zara. He is included in the list of Europe’s richest man.

Owners of fashion brands, but stay away from cracking themselves
Even after being associated with the fashion industry, he likes to be sipal. Ortega also does not like to tie. He is rarely seen by anyone in a tie. Stay away from the flare-ups of other billionaires. For the first time in 2000, Ortiga met the media before the company’s IPO. So far only a few journalists have been able to interview him.

Strategy to win the trust of customers instead of advertising
Ortega believes that winning customer trust is more important than advertising. With this strategy, the company gets a loyal customer and the expenses of the ed can also be avoided. Ortega has planned Zara so well that the company has to spend the least on the warehouse.

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