Wife in Jaisalmer on the symbol of Congress and husband on the independent ground

Former prime minister Amardin Fakir’s wife has filed nomination papers from ward number 16 of the Zilla Parishad.

Panchayat Raj Election: Angered by not getting tickets in Jaisalmer, former Congress party chief Amardeen Fakir has gone to the independents. On the other hand his wife Dhappi is contesting for the Zilla Parishad member on the symbol of Congress.

Jaisalmer Not getting tickets in Panchayat Raj Election, many interesting stories of raising the flag of revolt are coming out. A similar interesting incident is seen in Jaisalmer. Here the wife of an old Congress (Congress) leader is contesting on the party symbol, while Netaji himself is pushing for an independent rhythm. It may sound strange to hear, but it is hundred percent correct. It is not that there is any dispute between husband and wife. Despite everything being normal, such situations have arisen due to these leaders not getting tickets.

The case is related to the family of Ghazi Fakir, the oldest Congress supporter of Jaisalmer. Ghazi Fakir is the religious guru of Muslim society. The Fakir family has always dominated the Jaisalmer Congress. Saleh Mohammad of this family is a cabinet minister in Ashok Gehlot government of the state. He is the only Muslim minister in the Gehlot government. Many members of this family have held and still hold important political positions in the district.

Panchayat Raj Election: Rebellion in Jaisalmer Congress, 4 real brothers of Gehlot Government Minister Saleh Mohammed descended on the election field

Three other members of the Fakir family have also revolted

Here, the wife of Amardin Fakir, brother of minister Saleh Mohammad, Dhappi is contesting the election of a district council member on the symbol of Congress. On the other hand, Amardin got annoyed at not getting the ticket and he hit the ground in the Independent Election for the post of Panchayat Samiti member. Amardin has gone to the Independence ground to contest the election of a member of the Sam Panchayat Committee. At the same time, Abdullah Fakir, a brother of Saleh Mohammad, is also contesting the election of Panchayat Samiti from Congress ticket. Whereas three other close brothers of Saleh Mohammad rebelled for not getting tickets and they have also joined the independent constituency.

The Fakir family has been in the District Council for over 20 years
The Ghazi Fakir family has been occupied in the Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samitis for the past 20 years. But this time there was an uprising due to other family members not getting tickets. First Fateh Mohammad, the younger brother of Ghazi Fakir and uncle of Saleh Mohammed, was the district head of Jaisalmer. Saleh Mohammed then became the district chief. After Saleh Mohammed became MLA, his younger brother Abdula Fakir became the district chief. Saleh Mohammed’s brother Amardeen has been the head of the Jaisalmer Panchayat Samiti.


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